The #1 area where women can be and are shamed is in the area of ‘Self Image/ Body Image’.
— - Best Selling Author and Researcher, Brene Brown
Anahita Joon Aboute me

None of us are ONE thing. I am not interested in titles, I am interested in Love, Service, Beauty, Aliveness and Truth.


Born during the Islamic Revolution of Iran, my first thirteen years were filled with rich culture, mythical story telling, living through and illness and surviving trauma.With the heart of an ancient Persian mystic and the fire of a serpent, my work is the culminationof over twenty years of intensive study, anthropological research and and teaching.

Some of my influences include the works of Warner Earhard, Buckminster Fuller, The vedas and the sacred teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita, A Course in Miracles, New Thought Wisdom as taught by Michael Beckwith, Rumi & Hafiz, studies with Peruvian, Ecuadorian, and Arabian Shamans, the works of David Deida, the teachings of Choyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Christian gnosis, sacred mysteries of the Divine Feminine and the sisterhood of Isis, University of Santa Monica...and dance, always dance.


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My Story of BEcoming.

I was born in Iran during the revolution and grew up during the war.  The women were highly oppressed and my mother was gone.

I spent my whole life seeking permission..

Permission to be Wild & Free

Permission to surrender

Permission to experience ecstasy in my body

Permission to get the most juice out of this life experience.

At age twenty-one (2001) I had a mystical initiatory experience with the Divine Feminine. The rest of the trajectory of my life was shaped in service to the healing of and empowering of what it is to be a woman. 

I am wild about making beauty of bringing together opposites. The place where spirituality and sexuality meet, where light and dark dance, where soft and hard meet.  This is what we are all made of and to me, it is where the juice of life is the sweetest.

The Other Important Stuff About me:

I am a Graduate of University of Santa Monica (offering Master’s in Spiritual Psychology)

I started coaching my friends at 14 (after I did the Landmark Forum for Teens) and it has never stopped.

I have studied with Shamans, Yogis, & great Spiritual Teachers since I was 5, that is over 30 years.

I spent years researching and documenting the relationships between men and women in the context of Feminine -Expression/Sexuality/Power.

I am a master Re-inventor (I recreate myself daily)

I am a Yogi, 500 RYT and a dancer, my favorites are ecstatic dance & “pole”. 

I am married to the love of my life.




To Serve LOVE!

To change the world, by empowering All women and girls to stand As their FULL Beautiful Feminine SELF(s) Enliven beauty and Open Hearts!!! 

Times are changing…

The feminine is rising and SHE is Glorious…

Your healing of your wounds around being a Woman (your beauty, your sexuality, your TRUE power, & MEN) IS a CRUCIAL part of this Planetary shift.

As women, we are inherently tuned into our Beauty Story.

Whatever that is, it informs they way we move, speak, exert or withhold our power and the list goes on!


The Beautiful Self ™ is a set of teachings, tools, and practices for:

1.Seeing the physical SELF objectively. 

2.Expressing the TRUE Essence of your soul through Style. 

3.Embdying the Sensual, Sexual, aspects of you through daily practice of sequenced and freestyle movements. 

4.Creating a NEW personal and Global Myth for The Feminine As You & As One. 

5.Unabashed Unapologetic FUN! 

The feminine is Rising and She is Calling … YOU!



About You

My Ideal client is a change maker and if you are ONE, then you know it.

You change the world around you daily through your loving actions.  Every choice you make is coming from a deep held desire to leave this world better than you found it.

It might be through your daily work, or it might be through your moment to moment way of being with your family, friends, and strangers crossing your path.

One thing is for sure, you know the power of Connection.

Connection to yourself and connection to others, and connection with God/higher-power is the engine that fuels your life.


You believe in sharing from the heart, even if it’s not always easy, because you know that the Beatles got it right!


If you haven’t already read the BIG Why of why I do what I do, I invite you to take a look, this is the “Why” of why I do what I do and Why I am inviting you to Say YES to Your own feminine expression by joining me on this journey that is truly a movement!