Anahita Joon Aboute me

About You

My Ideal client is a change maker and if you are ONE, then you know it.

You change the world around you daily through your loving actions.  Every choice you make is coming from a deep held desire to leave this world better than you found it.

It might be through your daily work, or it might be through your moment to moment way of being with your family, friends, and strangers crossing your path.

One thing is for sure, you know the power of Connection.

Connection to yourself and connection to others, and connection with God/higher-power is the engine that fuels your life.


You believe in sharing from the heart, even if it’s not always easy, because you know that the Beatles got it right!


You believe you can have it ALL, Be EVERYTHING you WANT to BE and Look Fabulous Doing it.  You are Not about throwing money at every trend that hits the market, but you do invest in yourself, know the IMPORTANCE of doing what it takes to show up as the BEST Version of you, with as little effort as possible.

If you haven’t already read the BIG Why of why I do what I do, I invite you to take a look, this is the “Why” of why I do what I do and Why I am inviting you to Say YES to Your own feminine expression by joining me on this journey that is truly a movement!