I know you refuse to continue ‘playing life’ by somebody else’s rules. I know the pressure to ‘fit in’ confines us to our minds. I know you desire the freedom to connect to that deep mystical feminine part of yourself that is connected to it all.  I know you want to ‘break free’.

Nobody understands this desire more than I do. I understand the pain of oppression and repression.  This is why I stand for you…

I am wild about creating beauty from the union of opposites. The place where spirituality and sexuality meet, where light and dark dance, where soft and hard meet.  This is what we are all made of and to me, it is where the juice of life is the sweetest. This is where ‘The Beautiful Self’ lives.

None of us are ONE thing. I am not interested in titles, I am interested in Love, Service, Beauty, Aliveness, and Truth.

I believe in the beauty of YOUR feminine essence and its integral role in our collective evolution.

When you access your unique ‘aliveness’ (essence) that lives inside of you and unleash its power, you have the freedom to create the life you really want to live and from this creative expression you change the world.

Your Creative Power is what changes the world because it is born out from the divine aliveness within you!


How the threads of my tapestry were woven

I was born in Iran during the revolution and grew up during the Iran Iraq war.  Women in Iran were highly oppressed and my mother had left me when I was one.

I spent my early adolescence seeking permission…

Permission to be Wild & Free

Permission to surrender

Permission to experience ecstasy in my body

Permission to get the most juice out of this life experience.

My world was one of profound oppression, outside this was my existence

At home, I only wanted to dress up and Dance 

At age 14, I moved to America to set forth on a path to find freedom.  My journey of personal development began almost immediately and, for years, I was one of the youngest leaders in the personal development programs.

I survived childhood sexual trauma and found SOUL liberation and sexual empowerment.

As an immigrant, I tried desperately to fit in- I dyed my hair blond and straightened my curls.  I had rejected my God given beauty in hopes that the world would finally accept my WOMANliness.

By age twenty two, I had been married and divorced.  My divorce catapulted me into my ‘dark night of the soul’ that would ultimately lead me to my awakening, but not before having to face an addiction to food and illegal substances.

I have experienced severe depression and contemplated suicide.  I have spent years taking anti-depressants and successfully became medication free.

At age twenty-two, I had a mystical initiatory experience with the Divine Feminine. The trajectory of my life was shaped into being of service to the healing and empowering of what it is to be a woman in our evolution.

I have spent years researching and documenting the relationships between men and women in the context of Feminine – Expression/Sexuality/Power.

I have touched the dark, deep bottom of my Soul and come to live in my full ALIVENESS and BEAUTY.

It is my joy to make a profound difference in the lives of others using my creativity and sharing my natural gifts. Everything I share with you is everything that sets me free.

Today, I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with my spiritual partner husband, our son, and our kitty.

I am in divine service to the collective evolution of women in my local community while also serving a global clientele of Visionary Women who value beauty, aliveness, and legacy.


Anahita is a credentialed spiritual counselor and coach with over twenty-five years of study and over ten years of teaching, coaching experience.

For over thirty years, I have been blessed to have studied with Shamans, Yogis, & Spiritual Teachers that have lighted up my path to walk.

“You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.”  

Mary Oliver

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