Can You BE it?

Spring is here and with it... optimism and new appreciation for beauty.

I have been spending such sweet time in nature lately and I do always find mother nature to be my greatest teacher.
The other day, I was sitting at my favorite spot in Malibu and I was contemplating.
What is beauty?
And the answer… Well it was revealed just by observing the Wild Flowers, the Whales in the distance and the Seagulls over head.

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Beauty is our Un-WAVERING Willingness to BE...who and what we are, exactly as we are.

So Simple...So true...

Personally, I experience beauty as a full on commitment to the present moment, to WHAT IS!
So, if I am in worry or day-dreaming it’s not available to me in the same FULL BODY kind of way.
There is one huge thing that takes us out of beauty instantly, almost in a way nothing else does, and it is one of my greatest opportunities/challenges.
I will share this later.

Do you know what takes you out? Out of experiencing BEAUTY that is? I would love to read your comments.

I tell ya, mamma nature, she never skips a beat, Not EVER!
And just like that she showed me... 

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For now here is a story of Beauty I am inspired by... the story of Talli Osborn.
  Can you see her unwavering commitment to who and what she is...?

I can...and so can Sir Richard Brandson 

“I’ve been fortunate to come across so many remarkable people in my life. Leaders, entrepreneurs, creative, collaborators and children – I’ve been inspired time and time again. But few people have stood out much as Talli Osborne. “
Sir Richard Branson
Read about Talli here:

P.S When I say Work What Your Mamma gave you, I am not kidding. The mother Divine, Mamma Nature, and your birth Mamma, are all waiting for you to FULL on own the gifts of beauty and power bestowed upon you. Go on… She is waiting…