Whoever said you need to be rich to be fashionable has probably never thought out of the box. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of creativity and you can come with up something brand new from something you've already owned. Like I have owned these pair of sandals for ever now. 

Ever got some nice pair of sandals that you wore for a while and got bored out of it's color. If you are a girl like who likes to change it all up, then, yes, all the time! Right?

Well worry no more. There's a very easy and quick way go some color back in your sandals. All you need is some your favorite pair of Sandals and a permanent sharpie marker of a color of your choice. I chose black to match by awesome curly black hair. 

Step 1. Gather your supplies

Sharpie your shoes supplies

Step 2. Start applying sharpie evenly in the same direction.

Sharpie your shoes complete

Step 3. Voila! You are done. Go to the beach or meet the girls wearing your new up cycled sandals. 

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