" Where do I begin in expressing my admiration and gratitude for Anahita in the work that she does in supporting women in stepping into the divinity of who they are. I have had the pleasure of working with Anahita and experiencing her gift of awakening the Shakti within myself. It amazes me how clear Anahita is on her path of helping and supporting women by letting go of the pieces of ourselves that is getting in our way of truly experiencing the sensuality and sexuality that lives within us all. I strongly recommend this work for all women and believe that Anahita is the perfect loving woman to support this growth with ourselves and the planet as a whole. This work is so needed for women and it's difficult to put into words the transformation that is available for us all.”                                  

          ~ Niki Fox


“As a friend and mentor , Anahita has lovingly and consistently supported me as I have continuously learned to honor and reconnect to my own Divine Feminine nature. I believe Anahita's wisdom of sensual power comes from her innate connection and life experience with the Shakti; I have experienced her working with others ,and myself, in awakening and integrating this vital presence within. I have always felt her unwavering guidance and sisterhood present to me, and for this I am deeply grateful. ”

          ~ Shae Ross


Anahita embodies and transmutes the feminine shakti energy in a way that allows each woman to discover her own beauty and fully own this place inside of herself and in the world. Although she has many techniques to assist this process, it is really her essence that gives us permission to open up, let go and SHAKE IT UP! If you want to be a woman "on fire..." I encourage you to spend time with Anahita.

          ~ Elizabeth Walsh

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"From the moment I met Anahita, I felt her presence empower me as a woman. In just being around her I felt confident and centered in my femininity. Anahita has a unique ability to see straight to the Divine Feminine essence in each woman and then encourage her to be in her fullest embodiment. In her fearless expression of the Goddess, Anahita holds a deep space for all women to allow Shakti to flow through them. Thank you for seeing me for more than I saw myself. Your warmth and loving nature has truly assisted me in becoming a stronger, sexier woman.”

          ~ Britney Novely


Anahita has gently invited me to be seen and own my Authentic Self-Expression. Step by step she empowered me  to awaken my Feminine, becoming more and more Self Confident, and feeling more and more Beautiful.                                                                          I felt 100% supported and guided. The Journey she has taken me through has been one of unconditional Loving.    I now  give myself Full permission to be Alive in my Divine Feminine and feel more sensual than ever.   Anahita is Amazing !! 

    ~Valerie F.


I have personally experienced and benefitted from Anahita's great passion and expertise as it relates to helping women embrace their authentic, true beauty and unique expression.

Not only does she have a deep knowledge of the Divine feminine in the Body as a theory, but she embodies this quality on a most inspiring and profound level.I would encourage any sister and friend of mine who wishes to awaken to and connect with her own sensuality, creativity and vibrancy to give herself the gift of working with Anahita.

          ~ Tricia Gibbons Reynolds, M.A.PAPILLION COACHING



"Anahita sees the seed of who you are and knows just the ways to help it blossom.  My experience with her has been one of invitation, deep strength, encouragement, awareness and majesty.  She delights in empowering women to stand forward in their unique beauty and embodies a freedom of the awakened feminine expression that itself catalyzes growth and transformation in those that work with her.  All she’s offered me has been invaluable to my sense of love, belonging and celebration of my self in the world and I cherish and honor the support I’ve received from her."

      ~ Arielle K.



"My first experience with Anahita was a feminine movement practice she led, and I immediately knew I had found a powerful guide.  The support she's provided in our work together is both deeply healing and practical.  There is nowhere to hide with Anahita.  She reveals the path to releasing whatever's in the way of freedom and full self expression.  She leads by her beautiful example, and I'm so grateful for Anahita's loving guidance."

     ~ Ivy Joeva