The #1 area where women can be and are shamed is in the area of ‘Self Image/ Body Image’.
— - Best Selling Author and Researcher, Brene Brown
Anahita Joon Aboute me


Our Beauty Story is a significant factor in how we hold ourselves and for most of us it is a life-long journey of Self-love, Self acceptance, and True Empowerment.  

Even those of us who fit into the narrow margin that has been reserved for BEAUTIFUL by the media, still strive and strive to maintain our place. 

All the while, still losing sight of what our physical beauty is trying to help us share with the world.

Can you imagine? … Your physical beauty is directly linked to your purpose and when you tune into it, it will open more doors than you imagine.

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It ALL began in Tehran/Iran…

Although this is pretty rare, I was born to a family where most everyone had blue or green eyes and light hair, YUP, it is indeed very rare.

You see in a culture that is so oppressive for women,

the more a woman fits into an IDEAL of beauty, the more suitors she is likely to have!!!

----and after all that is the one goal! (NOT…..)

I grew up hearing I was ugly.

It wasn’t said to my face, only when I turned the corner.  

Strange enough friends at school and their parents always told me I was BEAUTIFUL. It was only my own extended family and their limited definition of beauty that talked about me as the ugly duckling.

 …they said maybe she’ll beautiful when she grows up!  

(they had no idea…and neither did I)

Why share this with you? I believe there is a reason I had this experience. It was meant to assist me in sharing this work with you now.

Most of us aren’t taught how to interpret our unique brand of beauty, what’s less how to understand the strengths coded in the way we are physically created.

So… I straightened my black curls and when that wasn’t enough I bleached my hair blond and added highlights.  I made myself look like the all American girl next door.  After all that is ALL I wanted to be. (The IDEAL)

About Congruency:

Even though I was presenting as the “girl next door” I was really much deeper and intense by nature once you got to know me.  

It was this lack of congruency between my outer and inner self that made for a painful experience when it came to connecting with the world around me. (with the exception of my very close inner circle)

This is why I do what I do. I love serving my clients in the process of coming home to their unique Beauty and having a CRAZY amount of FUN along the way.


The Other Important Stuff About me:

I am a Graduate of University of Santa Monica (offering Master’s in Spiritual Psychology)

I started coaching my friends at 14 (after I did the Landmark Forum for Teens) and it has never stopped.

I have studied with Shamans, Yogis, & great Spiritual Teachers since I was 5, that is over 30 years.

I spent years researching and documenting the relationships between men and women in the context of Feminine -Expression/Sexuality/Power.

I am a master Re-inventor (I recreate myself daily)

I am a Yogi, 500 RYT and a dancer, my favorites are ecstatic dance & “pole”. 

I am married to the love of my life.