Discover Your Personal Beauty Story

This transformational session is designed to help you uncover the beliefs and messages that have framed your personal beauty story until now.  Then, using my unique energized color system, we will co-create an updated beauty story that reflects your most dynamic, centered, and beautiful self.  

You will learn about your unique coloring and what colors give you a psychological edge in relating to others.  You’ll also learn what fabrics and styles best enhance your natural beauty and body shape so you’ll never again waste money on unflattering clothes or unworn items that just hang in your closet.

After you’ve discovered your personal beauty story and learned how to embody it, you’ll immediately be more visible, relatable and effective in all aspects of your life.  Plus, you’ll leverage the art of visual communication to strengthen your personal and professional relationships.  

The Personal Beauty Story session includes two special bonuses: 

Your personalized Psychology of Color palette containing swatches of 50-70 individual colors designed to bring out your best.  This palette is yours to keep and refer to often. 

A “Wear this Nix that” sampler, where together we will go through 10-15 items of clothing that you have questions about and decide whether you should wear them, Nix them, or HOW to keep and wear them if an item has sentimental value but not ideal for you.

A pinterest board curated for you as you make your way and share more of who you are with the world.

If you want to express your best self, feel more confident in your every day life and simply look your best, it’s time to discover your personal beauty story. 

All balances are due 48 hours prior to in person sessions. Please take note of 72 hours cancelation policy for VIP days and 24 hour notice for followup calls.