VIP days are action packed and highly impactful.  We begin with a Personal Beauty Story and spend the rest of our time in a deep and meaningful exploration of what would be of greatest service to you step into a deeper more authentic embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. 

And... of course we will shop!

Whether you’re a fashionista or you dread shopping, I promise that a shopping trip with me will be nothing like you’ve experienced before.  My clients tell me that a three-hour shopping trip with me is like a weekend shopping trip with their best friend.  

That’s because I know exactly what colors, textures and styles to look for to help you showcase your Personal Beauty Story like never before.  

We’ll visit your favorite store plus the stores with the right items just for you.  We might even have clothes made especially for you.  Our targeted Shopping trip will add essential items to maximize your current wardrobe as well as bring your true beauty forward.  

You’ll find that this shopping trip might be quite healing for you as we transform the dressing room experience into a joyous celebration of your natural beauty.  

Your VIP day concludes with an integration session to make sure you have everything you need for moving forward.  

All balances are due 48 hours prior to in person sessions. Please take note of 72 hours cancelation policy for VIP days and 24 hour notice for followup calls. An extra $250 surcharge applies all last minute rescheduling.