I want you to experience all that my work has to offer so you can replace any limiting beliefs you hold around your beauty with empowering truths about all that you are. 

The Total Transformation is a three month life changing experience. It is NOT for everyone. If you are CALLED to EMBODY the Sacred Feminine, then this might just be for you.

We’ll start with discovering your Personal Beauty Story, where we’ll release any old beliefs or obstacles you face around your physical appearance and replace them with empowering truths about who you really are, taking our cues from the mother nature herself.

Then, we’ll create a new beauty story and identify the colors, fabrics and patterns that reflect your true essence.  

You’ll receive a personalized color palette plus a uniquely crafted statement designed to always bring you back to the unique gifts encoded in your physical beauty.

The Total Transformation Includes:

- 2 VIP days

- 1 visit from me to your house and closet. This is a deep dive, we'll throw things out, create ensembles and leave no stone unturned as you unleash your beauty into the world.

- Customized ongoing support over the course of 3 months to ensure you fully commit to and receive the most out of our time together. (topics covered can range from exploring the connection between your creativity and your sexuality to redefining what you hold as sacred as you set yourself free, and of course relationships) Nothing is off limits.

The Total Transformation includes these special bonuses: 

- 12 months of FREE digital closet.

- A pinterest board curated just for you by me. Having a visual tool that is created for you by someone who truly sees your essence  (ME) can be a powerful force. 

You’ll feel truly seen as a powerful, beautiful, and grounded woman sharing your true essence with the world.  Plus, you’ll feel confident and self-assured like never before. This IS life Changing.

All balances are due 48 hours prior to in person sessions. Please take note of 72 hours cancelation policy for VIP days and 24 hour notice for followup calls. An extra $250 surcharge applies all last minute rescheduling.