Working with Anahita has been revelatory in the most significant way. 

After working with Anahita I am now rejoicing in the Goddess part of myself and another dimension of living has emerged.  I truly feel beautiful in the inside and out and am loving my life, as our work together has enhanced everything!

– Lisa Langer, NYC Yoga Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Coach

“I have taken leaps in my business and mission I would have otherwise not taken.”

Working with Anahita has been nothing short of a personal revolution. 

The most beautiful part, is that, like all transformation, she is able to meet you just where you are, and can go as far as you are willing to go. Her very presence feels like a good, long, invigorating stretch into who you are capable of being.

– Andrea Scarbrough featured in VOGUE and GOOP

“A genius sorcerer of Feminine Super Powers!!!”

After working with Anahita, I am feeling like a Goddess, I feel like I float in everything I wear. I am SEEN. People, especially men notice and compliment me, even strangers comment on how beautiful I am!

Lena Dolter-Love Coach

“If you want to be a woman on fire, spend time with Anahita.”

Anahita is a true teacher, she really could SEE me and reflect back to me what my truest essence is. I feel so different.  I feel more confident, I feel more “ME” than I’ve ever felt.

Christine Hassler-International speaker and best selling author

“From the moment I met Anahita, I knew she had things to teach me. Our work has been life changing for me.”

My Awakening Shakti audience has seen and heard many speakers over the years but Anahita was one of our favorites. She’s an authentic, warm and inspired presenter who had us laughing, crying and celebrating the journey that is womanhood.​  
Lisa SCHRADER, founder 

“She has a gift of awakening Divine sensuality, unlike any I have seen.”