Sexual Healing 

Unfortunately, in todays’ society, it is all too common for women to share the experience of sexual trauma. 

I am no different. Having lived through repeated sexual abuse at young age, I consider myself truly blessed to have experienced the depth of the healing that I have.

This is the healing that has allowed me to live a truly emboldened life- a life filled with deep intimacy and unbound creativity. 

Most women who have experienced sexual trauma would tell you that it changes you. These changes can include being highly sexual at a young age, shutting down your sexuality all together, avoiding true intimacy, and giving up one’s personal power to the circumstance or event.

Patterns such as unhealthy relationships, co-dependency, and addiction are just a few that can arise from this event.

Sexual Healing is often at the source of creativity blocks, intimacy issues, as well as self worth and prosperity concerns.

The work I do is a culmination of over twenty years of healing and trainings in various modalities that ultimately awakened my innate gifts as a sexual healing priestess. 

The nature of this work requires that we work at least 50% in person and can be done privately 1:1 or in a small group. 

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Aaron and Anahita work with a few select couples each year who are interested in relationship as the vehicle for spiritual and evolutionary growth.

Aaron has been facilitating transformational work for over 20 years and  is also a musician, writer, and entrepreneur who has held council with some of today’s leading visionaries.

Anahita and Aaron have been married since 2011 and continue to deep dive together into the magic and mystery of Sacred Union.  

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