Most people think the rise of the feminine has to do with a higher percentage of female CEOs. Anahita Joon Tehrani believes that is only a small part of the goal.

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Anahita Joon takes the conversation a cut deeper, opening the minds, bodies and souls of audiences as she shares her vision of a human civilization sourced and informed by the life giving intelligence of our bodies and the wisdom of nature itself.

Originally born and raised in the war torn Islamic republic of Iran, Anahita Joon was hidden under the hijab for most of her life, as were all the women in her family.  When she moved to America at the age of 14, her life became a quest for freedom from oppression.

Through her story, she takes audience members on a moving journey from oppression to freedom.

Audiences leave with a deep understanding that only by humanity embracing its full aliveness can we truly end the suppression and commoditization of female sexuality and come into right relationship with the Earth.



Out of the Shadows of Shame and into Freedom 


A few years after her move from Iran to the United States,and her new life living out from under the hijab, Anahita found herself drawn to the secret world of strip clubs. 

While for many women the stripclubs were a painful experience of exploiting their sexuality, Anahita found liberation through the erotic nature of her dance and fully unshackled herself.

This talk shares her journey into the disowned aspects of humanity’s relationship with desire and eroticim, and her discovery of the wisdom of the RED feminine.

In her talk, Anahita delves with audiences into the deep healing from shame that we all need and long for.

Anahita makes a compelling and moving case that only in accessing our full aliveness can we truly end the suppression and commoditization of female sexuality and come into right relationship with the Earth.


Authentic Beauty


“The #1 area where women can be and are shamed is in the area of ‘Self Image/ Body Image’.”  

Brene Brown


In a world where beauty is a multi billion dollar industry, it is no wonder we have no idea how to see and appreciate our nature-given beauty.  Because women are never taught how to see our unique beauty, we spend a life-time and a fortune desperate to fit into what has been set forth as the ONE ideal of beauty.

Anahita reminds the audience of our inherent oneness with nature, that in fact that we are each as uniquely beautiful as a rose or an orchid.  If we could only see ourselves the way we see nature, we would be free to own the full spectrum of our inner and outer beauty. 

Anahita helps women to unplug from the massive programming designed to control the female spirit by reminding the audience that mother nature does not make mistakes.

Audiences leave newly equipped with eyes able to see the truth of their own unique beauty, and an inner permission to let the fullness of who they are to be expressed.