Let us together breathe life back into the lifeless corners of your life, body, and soul...
I work with my clients on all levels of the heart, body, soul, spirit, and mind.


Beauty Initiations & Color work

This powerful work not only gives you a leverage in the realm of Visual communication, but also
opens the door to deeper levels of permission.
There is something truly magical that happens when a woman is able to tune into the gifts of her
unique beauty.

Private Mentoring

I take on very few private mentoring clients, this is a 12 month commitment.
email: hello@anahitajoon.com
for more info
Embodied Feminine Leadership is a brand of leadership utilizing the most powerful and sacred
aspect of the feminine, Beauty, desire, pleasure, and embodiment.

Group programs

Force of Nature Women is a unique Brand of Feminine Leadership for the NEW WOMAN.
11 months, 2 facilitators, 1 life changing experience.
Programs starts February 4th, 2017. email:
FREE MASTER CLASS available at:
***Space is limited, apply early.***


Principles behind my work

1st you must establish an unshakable trust in your own power, as long as you fear the depth of
your Feminine you will miss the bountiful blessings she brings.
2nd, you must learn to run this power through your body in conjunction of knowing your desires
are already manifested in the eternal mind.
Imagine your feminine power is like electricity running through your veins.  This power is
inherently connected to your sexuality the life giving force of your body. When you are able to
run this energy with intention and as a sacred offering to your pleasure and desires fulfilled you
will have mastered the art of sensual co-creation.

Some of the fruits along the way

Freedom to feel the fullness of who you ARE...Everything
True confidence in your ability to create and dissolve boundaries as needed.  Authentic
leadership requires knowing
A deep sensuous connection to your body as a source of pleasure, wisdom, and power.
Freedom in your body and soul to experience true intimacy with yourself, your beloved, and all
of life.
A fulfilling intimate life.
A Paradigm shift from driving, doing, and pushing to allowing, receiving, and co-creation.
A true healing of the wounds between you and your mother/father as you tap into your own
creation power and arrive in the arms of the beloved Divine Mother/Father.

Miracles...Miracles...and more Miracles....